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Grade 9 Research - OMAM

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(Click on the picture to access)


  Discovery News brings you an illustrated journey through a mental asylum.   
  Brain Pickings presents a photographic look at 19th century mental hospitals. 
  CBS new presents a photo story covering 19th and 20th century psychiatry.  
  The US National Library of Medicine presents "Diseases of the Mind: Highlights of American Psychiatry through the 1900s," as part of the 19th Century Psychiatric Debates series.  The article covers patient restraints, women in 19th century psychiatry, and much more.    


This article (from the Victorian Dictionary) on Bedlam Hospital was written by Victorian expert Lee Jackson.   
  This is the official website of Bethlem Royal Hospital.  It includes information on the history of the hospital, as well as access to the hospital archives. 
  This is the official website of Danvers State Insane Asylum.  Check out the history of the asylum, as well as view photographs of the facility, equipment, and patients. 
  Kirkbride Buildings were named after the psychiatric doctor who influenced their creation.  The site includes all of the remaining hospitals, short histories, and plenty of visual references.
This database contains information on forms of psychiatric therapy, mental disorders, and related images.  Find the icon on the database homepage.  See Mr. Manko for home access. 



This database contains general information on the history of mental hospitals, electroshock therapy, psychology, psychiatry, images, academic journals, straightjackets, and more.  Find the icon on the database homepage.  See Mr. Manko for home access.  


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